[CQ-Contest] WPX 0-point discussion

Rob Hummel rhummel at monad.net
Wed Apr 2 23:10:39 EST 1997

Please don't count me as one of those lobbying to change the WPX 0-point rule.

As 2-time LP/AB champ, I see nothing wrong with the way the scoring is now.
Giving 1 point for in-country contacts would have an overall negative effect
on the contest.

It would essentially turn the contest into three different contests.
   1. European QSO party.
   2. Field day (for non-east coast)
   3. WPX (for east coast)

Despite the fact that prefixes count as multipliers, this is a DX contest.
An SM5 does count more, for example, than a WA4. It has a square-law effect
because it adds both a mult and points.

FInally, I'll answer any US station that calls me -- even if I already have
their prefix. But encouraging US pileups of low-point QSOs will simply
reduce my score and force me to implement a more restricted  US QSO policy.

As far as the 30/36/48 hour debate goes, put me in the 30-hour category.
Strategy is everything. In good conditions, a bad decision can cost you the
contest. In unsettled conditions, time off can ameliorate the impact.

It all improves the competition -- and that's why they call it a contest!
 Rob Hummel (WS1A) <rhummel at monad.net>

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