[CQ-Contest] Summary:M/S - where to put legal limit amp vs 1kw amp?

Alfred J. Frugoli ke1fo at contesting.com
Sun Apr 6 20:51:37 EDT 1997

I wrote:
> If a Multi Single station had 1 legal limit amp, and 1 KW class amp,
> where would you put which amp?  1.5KW on the run station and 1KW on the
> mult station?  1KW on the run station and 1.5KW on the mult station?
> I can see arguments for both sides of this question.  What are people's
> experiences and thoughts on this one.  Thanks.


Here are the results:

1.5kw on run station  - 9 votes
1.5kw on mult station - 1 vote
Other opinions        - 5 votes including:
     2 votes for putting the amp that can handle a higher duty cycle on 
the run station and putting an amp that has quick bandchange capability 
on the mult station.
     1 vote for being more concerned about the operator and antennas for 
the particular conditions becuase the difference in the two amps is less 
than 2db.
     1 vote for putting the amp with the more rugged tube(s) on the 
station that would be most apt to be tuned into the wrong antenna or 
other sleepytime errors like that.
     1 vote for it not mattering at all becuase "most contest stations 
run illegal power anyway" (this vote came form the amps reflector).


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