160m Contest reports wanted

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Thu Jan 23 15:21:19 EST 1997

 Hiya gang!
       2 members of the Southeastern DX Club are down at the 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club facility in Western Puerto Rico getting 
ready for this weekend's CQ 160m CW Contest. They are having a 
little difficulty getting the vertical tuned to resonance and 
might switch over to an inverted L. The CRCC WPX operations have 
never really "felt" very loud on 160 using the dipoles we have 
strung up. I would very much appreciate signal `reports from the 
guys down in Puerto Rico on 160m. They plan to be on tonight 
according to Paul,K4UJ,"come hell or high water". If the new 
antenna works well for them we'll probably use it for the March 
SSB WPX contest. The call they will be using will be either
KP4/K4UJ, KP4/K4WA or WP4NMS. Give em a call and, if you find 
the time, drop me a note. 
 73 Ken N4UK 
1.8-1296 MHZ 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP4NMS(ex KP4XS) and hoping for WP3X!
Grid Pirates VHF Group
Grid Square-EM84xp

>From janalme at sn.no (Jan Almedal)  Thu Jan 23 20:19:48 1997
From: janalme at sn.no (Jan Almedal) (Jan Almedal)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 21:19:48 +0100
Subject: French REF contest rules?
Message-ID: <199701232022.VAA04249 at mail1.sn.no>

At 21:02 22.01.97 -0500, you wrote:
>Where can the REF contest (in Jan-CW and Feb-SSB) be found on 
>internet.   English preferred but French is OK.  Tnx.
>73, Dick Wilder, K3DI   

Rules for (almost) all contests might be found on my web pages.

73 de
Jan / LA9HW

- - -
NRRL HF Contest Manager
Complete HF Contest Calendar: http://home.sn.no/~janalme/hammain.html

>From chutchinso at arrl.org (Hutchinson, Chuck,  K8CH)  Thu Jan 23 21:01:00 1997
From: chutchinso at arrl.org (Hutchinson, Chuck,  K8CH) (Hutchinson, Chuck,  K8CH)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:01:00 -0500
Subject: Job Opening at ARRL
Message-ID: <m0vnWKG-0004obC at mgate.arrl.org>

The following is posted on the ARRL Web site:

1/17/97: The ARRL has an opening for an Assistant Contest Manager at its 
headquarters in
Newington. Candidate must be thoroughly interested and knowledgeable in the 
League's varied
Contest Programs and familiar with DXCC countries; ARRL Sections and 
Divisions; and current
contesting issues. An Amateur Radio license, writing skills, PC familiarity, 
including DOS, Windows,
database management and email are required. A high degree of attention to 
detail and the ability to
work well under deadline pressure is required. Send resume and salary 
expectations to R. Boucher,
ARRL, 225 Main St. Newington, CT. 06111, fax - 860-594-0298. Email - 
rboucher at arrl.org

You can see it at:


73,  Chuck  K8CH

>From Fatchett.Mike at tci.com (Fatchett, Mike)  Thu Jan 23 21:38:10 1997
From: Fatchett.Mike at tci.com (Fatchett, Mike) (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: 23 Jan 1997 14:38:10 -0700
Subject: Voice Blaster
Message-ID: <06F5E32E7DA42002*/c=us/admd=attmail/prmd=tci/o=mailhub/ou=msmaildos/s=Fatchett/g=Mike/@MHS>

Is Voice Blaster still available from LTA?  Says it works with CT and NA.   
 I wonder if It would also work with TR?  Price is right.  I wonder what   
sound cards it is compatible with.


>From thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)  Thu Jan 23 10:18:13 1997
From: thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 05:18:13 -0500
Subject: CQ WW 160 DX Window
Message-ID: <199701232218.RAA65234 at mule0.mindspring.com>

I have had numerous requests about the Dx window.  It is 1830 to 1835Khz.   

The old window left out over 50% of the DX (OY, LZ, PY etc).

I had three requests to widen the window to 1830 to 1840 and one to do away
the window.

1830 to 1835 KHZ

Dave K4JRB

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