[CQ-Contest] 1997 ARRLDX CW Claimed Scores-Thanks

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jun 17 11:49:28 EDT 1997

Hi to the Contest Group.
Today I received confirmation of my entry on the ARRL page:


Thanks to Bev N1NAV, and the ARRL Contest staff, for the update
and confirmation (below)

Martin ZL1ANJ

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We have updated the list, perhaps you looked at it before this was done. 
 You are listed single-op low power with a score of 51,576.

Bev Nesta, N1NAV
Assistant Contest Manager
Phone (860) 594-0232
E-mail: n1nav at arrl.org

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>Good morning,
>I have checked the 1997 ARRL DX CW scores, and could not find
>my entry.  The summary, log and mult sheets were sent to you by
>e-mail on Thursday 13 Mar 1997.
>My category was Single operator, low power, allband.
>Attached is a copy of the message sent to you on 13 March 1997.
>As no advice has been given to me of non-delivery, I trust that
>you will be able to include my entry in the final results.
>Please advise if there is any further information you may require.
>Sincerely, Martin Ellis ZL1ANJ

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