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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Force 12 ....low profile ?????
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Force 12 is very alive and well.  Spoke directly to N6BT yesterday.  They 
had difficulty securing space at Dayton but will be at a show in Germany 
weekend of June 28.  There presently is a backlog of antenna orders that has 
forced them to go into overtime mode.  Maybe they are a little too 
successful.  Incidently about 50 people are visiting their web page each 

Give them a call and I am sure they will provide whatever service or 
information you require.


John W2GD/P40W (owner of four Force 12 antennas)

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Force 12 ....low profile ?????
Date: Friday, May 30, 1997 2:15AM

Anybody know what's going on over at Force 12 antennas.

While in Dayton this year I had hoped to pick up some info at the Force 12
booth on their antennas, which I am seriously considering buying (C3 or
maybe even a C4XL), but they were conspicously absent. Undaunted I checked
my latest issue of QST looking for their ad expecting to at leat find a WEB
address or something..again Force 12 is missing in action. Are they still
in business? In business and just in "trouble"? Or is their normal mode to
only advertise "occasionally"? I hate to spend north of $500 for a new
antenna system only to find out that I cant get parts or tech support.
Anyone have the latest scoop?



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