Fatchett, Mike Fatchett.Mike at tci.com
Fri May 30 10:31:19 EDT 1997

Actually I think most have missed the point that most casual ops have no
clue what the heck ANTA will mean.  Are these abbreviations posted
anywhere?  The casual op is the life blood of the contests.  Without
them we would not have much to work after the 1st day.  

There are lots of stations out there listening in and would be more
inclined to work other stations if they understood what the exchange is.
 The casual op tunes across one station sending cut numbers, tunes
across the next who is sending whole numbers.  Would this be confusing?
I think so regardless of the speed sent.  

It has been refreshing to exchange contest related topics of late.  Sure
better than the vanity stuff.  


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