[CQ-Contest] IARU Region-1 160m Contest 1997

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Wed Nov 5 22:00:06 EST 1997

                 IARU Region-1 160m Contest 1997

This   contest   is   sponsored  by IARU Reg.  1  and  the   1997  
edition  is processed by ARI (Italy).

This   is   a   worldwide   competition:   everyone   may    work  
everyone  else,  including  stations in  his   own  country.  The 
contest may be  entered  by  all licenced radioamateurs and SWLs.

Date and time
The  contest will be held on the third full weekend  of  November 
from 14:00 UTC Saturday  until 08:00 UTC Sunday. In 1997 it  will 
be on November 15/16.

CW only.

Entry Categories:
SO = Single operator
MOST = Multi operator single tx
SWL = SWL, single operator
Note:  single operators may operate up to 14 hours. Rest  periods 
must  be  marked clearly in the log and must be at least  1  hour 
long.  Multi operators may have only 1 signal on the air  at  any 
given time.  Everyone is permitted to use PacketCluster and  such 
use does not change a single operator into a multi operator.

160m  only,  1810-1950 kHz. Participants MUST  carefully  observe 
the  IARU   Band Plan as well as their national  regulations  and 
limits for 160m.

Send RST and a two or three letter/digit DISTRICT CODE (i. e. DOK 
for DL, Dept. for F, County for G, State for USA, Province for  I 
and VE, Territory for VK, and so on).

One (1) point for each complete QSO.

One (1) multiplier for each different DISTRICT CODE,
One (1) multiplier for each DXCC/WAE country.

Final Score
The sum of QSO Points times the sum of multipliers.

Logs and summary sheet
Logs   should  be  A4-size and must show all  the  QSO  data.   A 
summary  sheet  (including a signed declaration) is  required  as 
well  as  a dupe sheet (only if more than 100 QSOs  are  logged). 
Logs  on disk are appreciated (K1EA or ASCII formats). Logs  must 
be postmarked not later than 31st December, 1997 and sent to: 

IARU Reg. 1 Contest
c/o ARI Contest Manager
Paolo Cortese I2UIY
P. O. Box 14
I-27043 Broni (PV) Italy

Alternatively, logs in ASCII format (or as attached files) may be 
sent  via e-mail addressed to ari at contesting.com.  You will  receive 
an acknowledgement of recript of your log within 48 hours.

Please  note  that these addresses are valid only  for  the  1997 
contest.  There will be other addresses published for  subsequent 

Logs   will  be carefully checked by the  Contest  Committee  and 
mistakes may cause a score reduction.

Listeners  are required to log the callsigns of both the  station 
heard  and the correspondent station.  Score is calculated  based 
only  upon the station heard using the same rules as  trasmitting 
stations.  A  callsign  may not appear  more   than   3   (three)  
times   as   a correspondent.  SWLs MUST log no more than 1 (one) 
QSO on each line of  their log.

Plaques   for  the first 3 stations in the SO  category;   plaque  
for   the  first  station  in  the  MOST  and   SWL   categories; 
certificates  for country winners.

[ ] Paolo Cortese, I2UIY / IQ2A / N7PMC / OK8AFL
[ ] P. O. Box 14 - 27043 Broni (PV) Italy
[ ] Phone 0039-385-53203
[ ] A.R.I. HF Contest Manager
[ ] A.R.I. QSL Bureau Manager
[ ] Eu Sprint Manager
[ ] E-mail: I2UIY at contesting.com

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