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Wed Nov 5 20:24:10 EST 1997

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<< This is so true. I have often wondered why the CQWW does not have a real
 multi-single category. Their M/S category is definitely not a multi-single
 no matter what they call it. 

I'm sure you remember the battle we had to get M/2 for the ARRL DX Contests.
I believe that we created a category that enables small groups with
reasonable stations to compete against each other with 2 rigs active and it
has been popular since its inception. Unfortunately, as you note, changes in
the CQ WW DX Contests are not forthcoming because of the "if it ain't broke,
don't fix it"  philosophy at CQ.

I did my turn on the CQ Contest Committee and spent endless hours policing
the "rubber clock" problems that the current CQ M/S rules percipitate. If we
like controversy, we will continue to see it in the CQ M/S category.

73 and DX,

Tom, K5RC/7

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