[CQ-Contest] Wo4o LP/A SSB SS

Ric Painter wo4o at juno.com
Tue Nov 18 11:02:02 EST 1997

                      ARRL NOVEMBER SWEEPSTAKES            
Call used: WO4O                               Location:  TN
Category: Single Op All Band                  Mode:      SSB             
Callsign of Operator: WO4O                    LOW Power: 100w

Hours of Operation: 23:37  (A few totally wasted minutes)
Off Times: 23:45-00:19, 09:32-13:45, 18:58-19:29, 01:54-03:00 
     band      QSOs     points  antennas
      75        347        694  inverted v
      40        233        466  dipole
      20         97        194  quad/yagi
      15        150        300  quad/yagi
      10         20         40  quad/yagi
     TOTAL      847       1694   X   79 multipliers  =  133,826
Comments: My sixth Phone SS and consecutive Clean Sweep.  Another
          personal best in this event.  Never checked 160m but
          later learned there was activity on Top Band, meaning I
          missed some points.  20m was a disappointment for me, 
          as I was about 153 Qs from my goal.  Anxiety about 
          working NL (which I missed in CW) quickly diminished
          when VO1IMB called me in first 3 hours.  Last two were
          AK and NWT.  Worked 2 AK back to back and then VY1JA
          for another Sweep @ 2153z Sunday (TU).  If there was an 
          award for "Most Polite Op" I'd nominate KG2MR.  The 75m
          Pig Farmers were out for mud.  I put on my boots and
          rolled up my sleeves.  "These boots are made for
          walkin' and that's just what they'll do; one of these
          days these boots are gonna. . ."  There was one guy, in
          particular, who was really slingin' the slop at me who
          identified himself but wouldn't complete the exchange,
          who said to me, "I feel like a used whore."  I did NOT
          think it was funny at the time.  I miss CW already.
          Hey, I'm only human.  "I really looove you man."  GN
73 Ric wo4o at juno.com

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