[CQ-Contest] When somebody busts your call?

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Nov 25 17:39:57 EST 1997

On 11/19/97 11:34 AM, Bill Fisher - W4AN at w4an at contesting.com wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 wx0b at arraysolutions.com wrote:
>> Nate at All,
>> I like this question.  I wonder what the others in the group think.
>> It happened to me a few times and I always tried to correct my call
>> with the other station.  Most got it right off but one or two were so
>Even better than this is when the lid busts your call and you send it 
>again and he simply says "QSL QRZ".  QSL what?  QSL that your an idiot 
>and you still have my call wrong?  When this happens, I just dump my call 
>in again.  

It's tough to do this when you are S & Ping from a low-power, no-antenna 
station and it was hard enough to break through the pileup in the first 
place. I've seen exchanges go like this:

"CQ SS Whiskey Four Alpha November" (call changed to protect the guilty)
"Alpha Alpha Four Lima Radio"
"Alpha Delta Four Lima Radio number 1234 ... "
"Roger, my call is Alpha Alpha Four Lima Radio, you're number 123 ... "
"What was the check and section?"
"75 Georgia, did you get my call? It's Alpha Alpha Four Lima Radio"
"Alpha Alpha Four Kilo Radio, QSL, CQ SS Whiskey Four ..."


And, of course, I'll have to break the pileup all over again to correct 
his mistake. Sometimes, that's patently impossible.

>Unless he sends/says my call correctly, I cant assume he has 
>it correct.  I hope everyone who works me goes to the same pain to make 
>sure I have their call correct.   If I dont send/say your call correctly, 
>please make me do it.  I wont complain.

I lost at least one QSO in SSB SS due to the fact that the other op never 
got my call right (although he got the rest of the exchange). If I had 
been operating "seriously" it might have been five to ten. That's 

I did have one operator insist that we QSOed before. He even gave me the 
time of the QSO. I searched for it and found I had the prefix wrong. 
Remember that calls may not be in the computer because the OPERATOR put 
them in wrong.... I appreciate when someone takes the time to correct QSO 

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