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Doug Smith desmith at telalink.net
Tue Nov 25 17:14:33 EST 1997

At 04:55 PM 11/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>KG5U wrote: "ask them something out of context, like 'RST?'"
>>>... Three of the four disappeared.  The fourth had to be asked five times

>>But is that necessarily a bad thing?  Sure, it'd be nice if everyone could

>I'm afraid to mention the solution, since it seems counter to contesting 
>theory. But the solution to this problem is to SLOW DOWN.

If (as Bill said) we're asked to slow down, most of us are happy to do just
that.  (there are a few who can't find the CW speed keys on their computers!
They'll lose a few QSOs for that -- being fast on one's computer is becoming
just as important as being fast on one's Morse key...)  If someone calls me
at a speed considerably slower than what I'm sending, I will automatically
QRS a bit -- but I don't match their speed unless they specifically ask me
to.  Many casual ops listen to several QSOs to copy the exchange, and
honestly can complete a QSO at a speed much higher than what they can send.  

I guess the bottom line is, if you want someone to QRS, ask them!

>And we wonder why the checks in SS keep getting older.

Are you sure they are?  I haven't done the stats, but I'm always happily
impressed by the number of checks within a year or two of the current.  (and
surprised by gap of sparse activity among those licensed 3-5 years.  Maybe
they got their WAS & won't get back into SS until they finish their DXCC?)

73 Doug

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