[CQ-Contest] Several ops needed for CQ WW CW

K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Thu Oct 9 09:28:57 EDT 1997


                   ----------->The W1CW/W1YL/K4OJ Station needs YOU

Although much much smaller than the beautiful W3LPL set up, it looks like we
will also need operators for the CQ WW CW.....almost all of our ops have
bought houses and put up antennas in the past year and are now going single
op....I feel a bit like a parent who has watched the kids leave the nest
....I wish every one of them well in their single op pursuits, and like the
nest, should they decide to return home that will be okay, too....as long as
they don't bring any pets with them!

If you thought well, maybe someday I might try it....that time is now.  I am
hoping to have the station ready for multi-multi by CQWWCW and at this point
the biggest hangup lies in the lack of operators!

The station is located just East of Tampa easily accessed from Interstate 4,
close to its junction with I-75.  We are not going to win M-M....BUT we are
going to make a lot of QSOs and you will enjoy being in and out of the
pileups quickly from a well equipped station....your adrenaline will be
running (and hopefully you will be running 'em too!)

This years effort will focus on TRAINING for newer members of the team, using
CT and passing mults will be a main focus......if you would like to join our
assault on the bands, please contact me....

One thing is for sure, we have a great time - and the W1YL contest cuisine is

Everyone who operates here goes away happy, and there is a lot to be said for
the ham bonding that can found amongst our multi-operators, it is great fuel
for bs sessions down the road when you are S&P-ing the Suites at the
Hamvention.....just don't get too "lose" on those GAB messages, you never
know when Mom will be watching the screen!

Call me, I mean e-mail me!

Jim, K4OJ
K4OJ at aol.com

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