[CQ-Contest] QSL practices.

wa4pgm at moonstar.com wa4pgm at moonstar.com
Wed Oct 15 21:06:39 EDT 1997

IMO I could careless if I ever got a QSL card again. I 
have put way to much money into QSLing and now have boxes 
of them collecting dust. I have stopped QSLing a few years 
back, but I will send one when I get one direct, other 
than that forget it. It seems most of the DX think we need 
to buy there cards by sending a green stamp each time. Why 
can't each one split the cost? I send you one and you send 
me one, the whole QSLing thing is a bunch of nonsense. You 
can electronically file your taxes, apply for different 
licenses and other important things nowadays but not a QSL 
card. What does this card prove? Not a thing! You can buy 
pounds of cards from print shops and have all the cards 
you want if you wanted to cheat for awards.
My 2cents,

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