[CQ-Contest] cq trophy's

Van Sias wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Sat Sep 20 11:05:08 EDT 1997

Hi Dainius:  CQ Magazine has a notorious reputation in this area.  Be it
trophies or certificates.  It took three years or jumping and screaming
and letter writing to get past won certificates.  The internet finally
did it.  Never have won a trophy.  Personally, would suggest you keep up
the barrage on the contest reflector until you get them.

CQ does have a small staff and are a great ham radio asset, but if they
are going to sponsor these fine contests it is also their responsibility
to see the certificates and trophies get out in a timely manner.  Please
remember also, that volunteers put in the efforts of managing the
contests and running them.  I applaud their efforts but on the other
hand they did VOLUNTEER and they do have a RESPONSIBILITY to deal with
these issues.  When I complained on the reflector all I heard was why
doesn't he volunteer, et al plus excuses about how busy they were...that
is the contest managers.  I DID volunteer to take care of awards and
never heard another thing from these guys.  But I did receive three year
old certificates for two or three contests.  GL and hope you see your
awards someday.  You deserve them and a pox on those that didn't do
their job!!  73  Van K7VS (WA7FAB)

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