[CQ-Contest] "Worked Before" stupidities

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at erols.com
Tue Jan 6 12:20:59 EST 1998

Greetings All,

I do S&P with a bi-directional antenna system on 40. It really helps to
know that I'm already in the log and with logging software to know the
time of the alleged contact.  One common denominator of all of these
DUPES is that someone busted something.  On 40 meters I've come up with
a few reasons this happens:

1.  I miscopied the call.  I try very hard to get it right but I still
have to enter it into the keyboard.

2.  The other station entered my call in error.  With so many similar
calls typographical errors at the other end can happen. With a short
call there's a higher chance of an unworked station becoming a DUPE.

3.  I worked station A but station B put me in the log.  This can happen
on 40 when working
split since so often we only give our own call and with QRM, weak
signals and multiple stations using the same RX Freq. it's surprising
this doesn't happen more often on 40.


A>   WORK THE DUPE and if you want to mention the previous QSO please do
so to alert the other op of a possible problem.

B>  This seems to happen most with multi-op stations so be sure to tell
your guest ops to WORK THE DUPE

C>  Give call phonetically and slowly on phone.  KILO can become RADIO
with QRN/QRM.

D>  Listen to your CW.  Many of us have copied 6Y as BY for entire
weekends.  It's what was being sent (I love my old reel to reel tape

E>  Review your log for obvious boo-boo's.


73 from Lake Moneysgone,  Dan,  KW4T

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