[CQ-Contest] S&Pers' Exchanges

Jeff Tucker jefft at wciatl.com
Thu Jul 16 12:38:53 EDT 1998

VE5CMA states that both stations must give both calls when
completing a contest QSO, but I think that's totally wrong.
Nowhere do the rules say that the exchange is the other guys
call plus your signal report and zone, for instance (except in
the sprint contests).

I've done a lot of Cqing and it's rare to get my own callsign
back. I don't want my own callsign back. I know it already. I'm
totally comfortable with the idea that the S&P guy has my callsign.

If you listen to the bands, you'll find that the consistent method
is for the Cqing station only to give the other guy's callsign,
except when repeats and fills get involved. It's just simply not the
way it's done, it's not in the rules, and it's not what the contest
sponsors intend.

Jeff N9HZQ

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