Ve3bmv at aol.com Ve3bmv at aol.com
Fri Jul 24 14:00:38 EDT 1998

Suggestions for those who want to grow up to be good (contest) operators:

1. Sign your own call after each QSO, at least in short format like:
"Pee Forty Eh"  
(no need to say "Portugal Four Zero America" every time.) 
This should take place of "Thank you" and "Que Are Zed", if things get too
busy. Takes about as much time.

2. Depending on the depth of the pileup, sign your call phonetically every 2
to 5 QSOs like - "Papa Forty Alpha". Sure beats answering quetions like:
"What's your call?" 

3. Always confirm corrections.

That's it! 
You will spare yourself dupes, and others aggravation and slowdown. 

CU in the pileups!
Yuri  K3BU, VE3BMV

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