Joe wl7e at silverlink.net
Fri Jul 24 20:05:33 EDT 1998

>Suggestions for those who want to grow up to be good (contest) operators:
>1. Sign your own call after each QSO, at least in short format like:
>"Pee Forty Eh"  
>(no need to say "Portugal Four Zero America" every time.) 
>This should take place of "Thank you" and "Que Are Zed", if things get too
>busy. Takes about as much time.

Sorry Yuri, bad suggestion. If I work someone and they don't say "roger" or
"thank you" on ssb or cw, they are not in my log. If I work P40A and give
him a report and he says "P40A", how do I know he got the qso correct? I
don't have access to his "ESP" nor would want it.

Joe - WL7E

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