[CQ-Contest] What ever happened to being proud you were a ham?

Ron Thomas n4wyr at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 24 21:05:20 EDT 1998

It seems you are assuming that the vote was for the new proposal vs the 
staus quo.  what if the alternative was even worse.  Maybe the ones who 
voted "for" are the good guys.


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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] What ever happened to being proud you were a ham?
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>I was pleased to see another ham in my division was as upset by the 
>ARRL Board's recommendation to the FCC as I was.  His proposal is 
>for naught, but I suspect there are a lot of unhappy hams out there 
>now - especially the ones who will be loosing what they have 
>Extra Class amateurs.
>Here is what he sent me, like I say this may not be the way to go but I
>sincerely hope that those who appreciate contesting and are OPERATORS 
>clear channel "shack in the crack" "hams" (<---- I use this VERY 
>will realize what is coming...I hope you enjoyed HF operating while it 
>around - in a little while I don't think I will wanna go there.
>> If anyone is interested in starting a recall campaign against his 
>> Director:
>> <the rest deleted>

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