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In a message dated 98-07-24 22:05:23 EDT, WL7E writes:

<<  If I work P40A and give
 him a report and he says "P40A", how do I know he got the qso correct? I
 don't have access to his "ESP" nor would want it. >>

If I didn't get it correct, I will ask for fill-in, if I say "P40A" that
means: "TU, QRZ next?" (Better than: "TU, QRZ?" only.)

me: P40A
you: Whiskey Lima 7 Echo
me: WL7E 59 9
you: 59 1
me: P40A


me: P40A
you: Whiskey Lima 7 Echo
me: WL7B 59 9
you: WL7 Echo 59 1
me: WL7E  Thanks P40A
Papa Forty Alpha

This when in the heat of the "never ending pileup" pileup, when things get
slower, we get "more polite" like "nice to hear you Joe, thanks for the new
one" etc.

Yuri  Pee forty Eehh?

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