Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Sat Jul 25 10:27:35 EDT 1998

One thing I have noticed that really seems to get me a few more 
contacts during the last few hours of a contest is to become as 
inefficient as I can - I slow the keyer down to 15 or 16 WPM, send
a little sloppy, and give everybody who calls me a GE and a 73 TNX
at the end of the contact.  A lot of people call and give me 001 - I 
honestly think less would call if was sitting here rapping out 
TEST KH2D at 35 WPM.....

73, Jim KH2D

Yep, what he said!

Speaking as a thoroughly intimidated S+Per on CW, I struggle at 15 0r 16,
Jim understands me and my brethren.  Thanks Jim from all of us!


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