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Sat Jul 25 10:49:04 EDT 1998

Hello everyone!
Been reading the thread for a week now and thought I'd add my 2cents...

We have a pre-contest meeting and one of the things that is made plain to
all ops is that we all sign after every QSO. We want to establish a rhythm
where, even in adverse conditions, the OP on the other end knows we want him
to transmit his call. Regardless of mode, with rates hovering in the 300-400
an hour and an occasional last 10 over 1200 for darn close to 48 hours, we
feel this is the optimum way to go. We do not want to deviate from our plan.
Occasionally we, in less busy times, will say "thanks, V26B" or"TU,V26B" but
that is the absolute most you'll get from any of our ops unless we're
calling into dead air and trying to get information about band conditions
from a just worked station. Sure, as loud as most of you are in the
Caribbean, we could pull out 4-5 calls in a row (especially fellow club
members who you can run at mach3 on voice or call recognition alone) but
that would invite others to tail end or call when they are not wanted. We
feel that is defeating the goal we set. Which is......

EVERY time you hear our call sign it is OK to transmit AND please do so WITH
YOUR              COMPLETE CALL. :-) TU,V26B!

BTW I feel the FULL CALL issue is another important topic to discuss. My
view is that If you give your full call there is a good chance I'll get it
on the first call. If you give anything less than a full call there is a
near 100% chance I won't. Most CQ-Contest subscribers know that..we gotta
spread the word to the weekend warriors!

3 months till the greatest contest in the world! Mark you calendar for the
last full weekend in October (23-24)!



Douglas Priest
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