[CQ-Contest] Contest IDing

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Sat Jul 25 11:01:04 EDT 1998

Dale Martin, KG5U, said:

I don't understand how a running station can not use the call of
the calling station in the response to his call.

he: CQ Test xx9xxx test
me: kg5u
he: 599 111
me: (Here, I'm not going to say a thing, because I have no idea
to whom he is addressing his exchange.).

Now, are you talking about the end of the exchange?

Dale, I am talking about the operator who gives out only a report and QRZ,
on SSB, because my CW is not good enough for me to try to crack CW pileups.

Pileup: Roar

When I have QRMed his frequency long enough, he finally says "Yes, NA5TR, I
got your call" in a very exasperated tone.

And no, he doesn't send HIS call very often, either.  Slows down his rate,
don't ya know.

I have heard him in a couple of contests, and don't remember his call,
because he did not make it into my log, as I had no idea what time I was in
his log.  Judging by his location, he is able to wash his feet in the
Atlantic Ocean. 


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