[CQ-Contest] Contest IDing

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Sat Jul 25 08:43:25 EDT 1998

> Dale, I am talking about the operator who gives out only a report and QRZ,
> on SSB, because my CW is not good enough for me to try to crack CW pileups.
> Him:599xx...QRZ
> Pileup: Roar
> Him:599xx...QRZ
> Pileup:Roar
> Him:599xx...QRZ
> etc.
> When I have QRMed his frequency long enough, he finally says "Yes, NA5TR, I
> got your call" in a very exasperated tone.

I don't think this is really what is happening, but rather your
perception of what is happening.  The scenario above simply doesn't

My theory is that the Roar of the pileup is sustained long enough that
you are missing some information, like the beginning of the DX
stations's transmission, which is really something like "other-call 59
xx", but all you are hearing is the "59 xx" part.

Or maybe there are a couple of overs during the Roar that you can't
hear, like

Him:  Three Alpha?
W3AB:  Yes, W3 Alpha Bravo 59-03"
Him: W3AB 59-09...QRZ

Or a liddier version like

Him:  Three Alpha?
W3AB:  Yes, W3 Alpha Bravo 59-03"
Him: Got it 59-09...QRZ

All this reminds me of something I am personally confounded by: I
worked a couple hundred guys on SSB in IARU as part of an M/S and
after *every* QSO I would say "Thanks, Hotel Charlie Eight Alpha" yet
every so often a guy would work me and say "Roger, you're 59-08,
what's your call?"  Guess it just goes to show that all this is not an
exact science!

--Trey, N5KO

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