[CQ-Contest] More logs dumped from 10M Contest

Ben Bond bbond at global2000.net
Mon Jun 15 16:57:42 EDT 1998

It seems that the Arrl results are in error in most contests. For instance,
In SS phone, W6XR is reported to be in ENY when he is
located in WNY. There are also questions involving other stations
who may have been reported in wrong categories. The errors  run from scores
published in error to those, like yours, not included at all.

I know this won't make a big difference in our lives, but I wish they would
have some pride and try to publish correct results....

Ben W2PS
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Date: Monday, June 15, 1998 11:40 AM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] More logs dumped from 10M Contest

>Dave & Billy,
>Well, it looks like the W4AN winning multi-op score was also dropped from
>the 10 meter results.  Yes we received confirmation that the log was
>received.  Obviously that means nothing.
>Please dont bother telling me that you are going to print a correction
>at the bottom of some Contest Coral piece that nobody will read.  Don't
>waste your time.  Unless you completely reprint the results, it is
>I think that Billy Lunt or someone up there owes this forum an
>explanation as to how this sort of thing happened, and what they are
>going to do about seeing that it never happens again.
>Bill Fisher, W4AN
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