[CQ-Contest] Field Day Lament

Richard L. King k5na at bga.com
Mon Jun 29 16:33:45 EDT 1998

At 04:13 PM 6/28/98 EDT, you wrote:
>We (K5KG, KB8N, K7BV, K5RC) operated Field Day as K7GJ in Class 2D (Home
>station, commercial power). Unless I read the rules wrong, "D" stations can't
>work other "D" stations. Between us, we estimate that we told 200 stations
>that we could not work them because they were "D" class and we logged another
>200 that will have to be removed before we send the log in. It is
>that many people are either not reading the rules or not following them. More
>discouraging was when I corrected someone operating the station of a fairly
>well known contester who told me "stop making things so difficult, you lid."
>I thought Field Day was a training ground for new hams and new contesters,
>for soliciting members of the CCC (Contest Cheater's Club).
>Tom, K5RC

You can work them! You just don't get points for them! It's no big deal!

After all, Field Day is an operating activity and the additional QSOs are a
good training medium for budding contesters whether they are operating in
the "D" or any other category.

Just work the other guys, have fun, and send in an accurate summary sheet
showing valid QSOs along with a full dup sheet. I don't see this as a
situation where someone is trying to cheat. 

You probably spent more time telling the "D" stations not to work you than
it took to just work them.

73, Richard


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