[CQ-Contest] packet cheating

Doug KR2Q DougKR2Q at aol.com
Fri May 22 18:16:37 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-05-22 11:41:22 EDT, N0AX wrote:

<< Yes, it's an "empty victory" for the cheater, but also a real
 disappointment for the legitimate player who rapidly loses motivation to
 go up against these guys year after year. >>

Look....the first line of defense is YOU...the other entrants.  If YOU know
about "cheating" and you sit on your hands (or just complain about it on
internet), the YOU are just as much to blame.  Try CONFRONTING the "cheater"
and telling them that what they are doing is wrong...tell the contest sponsors

I forget who started this, but posting the packet log is a GREAT START...now
follow through....tell them your opinions!

de Doug KR2Q

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