[CQ-Contest] 10 meter contest

Dan Evans dlevans at mail.hsonline.net
Sat Nov 7 00:41:26 EST 1998

Hello All

I've always loved working the ARRL 10 meter contest, but this year I'm
planning something a little different, and I have a few questions.

A friend and I are planning to 'join forces' and 'guest op' at another
friends station.  Being two of us, that would put us in the Multi/single
catagory.  My question arises from the contest exchange.  We are both Tech +
class license holders.  The rules on contest exchange reads like this:

4. Contest Exchange:
4.1. W/VE stations (including KH6/KL7) send signal report and state or
province (District of Columbia stations send signal report and DC).
4.1.1. Novice and Technician Plus stations sign /N or /T.

OK, so from this I gather that we should sign  OUR-CALL / T, [I'm not sure
which call we will use yet].   BUT,  upon further reading, the only other
mension of the  /T is in the scoring where it says:

5. Scoring:
5.1. QSO points:
5.1.1. Count two points for each complete two-way phone QSO.
5.1.2. Count four points for each two-way CW QSO.
5.1.3. Count eight points for CW QSOs with US Novice or Technician Plus
stations signing /N or /T (28.1 to 28.3 MHz only).

OK, so we're worth 8 points on CW,  but on phone we're just another qso [2
pts].  So my question is this:   Do we HAVE TO sign  /T on phone???

Normally it wouldn't matter, I would just do it and go on.  But this year we
are TRYING to put together a 'competitive' station, so we may actually be
able to put some runs together.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on the matter?


Dan, N9RLA

1/2 of the N9RLA /R no budget Rover Team!

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