[CQ-Contest] Crippled FT1000MP query

Harper, David DavidHarper at tx.slr.com
Mon Nov 16 18:34:05 EST 1998

A question for you guys using the FT1000MP tied to the computer for contest

Okay, here's the situation.  After a couple of years at VP5EA, I'm headed
back to WP2Z (it was WP2AHW last time I was there) for CQWW-CW.  The FT1000
at WP2Z is in the states getting repaired, and KE2VB's FT1000MP is there in
its place.  Well, last month the display went out on the 'MP.  The rig seems
to work okay, just no display (whoever was there tried replugging cables and
boards to no avail).  So what I'm thinking is that if I interface the rig to
the computer running TRLog, then I can see the frequency on the computer.
Granted, it doesn't update on the computer quite as fast as on the rig
display when dialing up the band, but it is quick enough.  I know there are
some other things on that display that would come in handy, like RIT offset
(I'll just zero it often).  I'm not sure what else might be on the display
that is "essential".  I'll be 99% CW outside of the contest, not working
split or anything.

So I guess my question is whether anyone thinks it is feasible to operate a
contest this way with this rig.  Since the rig is already "set up" I am
assuming (yeah, dangerous) that I would not have to use any of the menus to
set anything.  

There is an IC751A at the station for backup, but I used one of those last
year at VP5EA and would rather not again if I have another choice.  I will
probably take my trusty well-travelled TS690 just in case, but I wonder if a
compromised FT1000MP would still be better?  Ideas?

Dave WD5N

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