[CQ-Contest] New Technology Corrupts Competition

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 8 14:47:21 EST 1999

If, in fact, the Big Deal is limited to RTTY contests, then shouldn't the 
solution be as well?

73, kelly 

n5nj at att.net wrote:
> The big deal is really rooted in what we saw in the RTTY
> contest this past weekend.
> In this case, the computer can draw input from multiple
> rigs and allow you to run on more than one band at a
> time without transmitting on two at a time.
> This in fact allows the single operator to function as a
> multi-multi where he and the computer are the two
> operators.
> I suggest that there be 4 classes of
> entry (nevermind power levels for this discussion).
> Each one further down the list has all the capabilities
> of the previous one, plus additonal capabilities.
> They would be:
> Category                Limits
> Single Operator(SO)     Run station on one band
> SO Assisted (SOA)       SO + Packet
> Multi-Single (MS)       SOA + Other Operators
> Multi-Multi (MM)        MS + one run station on each band
> No 10 minute rules, no need to have concern about
> creating "octopus" configurations etc.
> This is not all that different from what we have today
> and I believe would address all of the concerns about
> the "intent" of the original rules.
> The winning multi-singles are in fact set up pretty much
> as George describes.
> The guys who really take the hit here are the poor guys
> that have one rig and want to get together and have some
> fun with their buddies doing a multi-single.  As the
> rules are today, this single radio group cannot have as
> much fun i.e.; using packet etc. for working spots on
> other bands, changing run bands quickly when they
> realize they've made a mistake because they don't have
> the luxury of listening on a second radio before they
> switch and so on.
> All of this, in order to prevent them from becoming a
> multi-multi - which they can't because they only have
> one radio.
> 73,
> Bob N5NJ
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73, kelly
ve4xt at mts.net

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