[CQ-Contest] Contest Rules Question

Dick Green dick.green at valley.net
Thu Oct 14 01:02:20 EDT 1999

Forgive this newbie question, but I've never participated in a multi-multi
(other than FD) and until recently was not a member of a contest club.

I'm planning on doing about a 12-hour shift at a multi-multi in this year's
CQWW Phone contest. I had also planned to work the remainder of the contest
as a single-op from home, under my own callsign. A friend told me that I
can't do this, claiming it's against the rules. But I couldn't find any
specific prohibition against this in the rules posted at the CQ site, and I
can't see any logical reason why there would be a rule against it. The two
operations are separate, are entered under different callsigns, my hours of
operation do not overlap (that would be difficult!) and neither operation
enhances the score of the other. The only problem I see is that my call
would appear in both the list of operators at the multi-multi station and
would also appear on my single op entry. There is a rule that says a
different callsign must be used for each entry, but I thought that applies
only to the callsign under which the multi-multi is operated, not the calls
of the individual operators.

Who is correct, me or my friend?

If I'm right, then a related question is whether all of my activities can
contribute to our super-club (YCCC) score. Here the issue doesn't seem quite
so clear. I will be assigned my share of the multi-multi score, which gets
credited to my club because the club name is listed along with my callsign
in the multi-multi entry. But can my single-op score also contribute to the
club score? Would the contest committee have a problem seeing club credit
for the same callsign coming from two different entries?

Finally, if my friend is right, or both scores can't count for club credit,
is it OK for me to work the contest from home under my own call just for
practice (i.e., if I don't submit the log)? Would this in any way adversely
affect the multi-multi entry?

This must not be a new question. What's the answer? Do all the major
contests handle this issue the same way?

73, Dick WC1M

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