[CQ-Contest] SS Checks & Precs

Robert Naumann n5nj at att.net
Thu Oct 14 07:36:43 EDT 1999

I would suggest that you take a good guess what year you were licensed and
use that number whatever it is - just to be consistent.

It does not matter what year you pick - just send the same thing during the
same contest for every QSO.

Same thing for Precedence (power level).  If you start out as "B" or high
power and your amp blows up, you're still "B" - not "A" because you've used
high power in the contest.  You cannot enter two different categories just
because your wattmeter reads different at some point.

Robert E. Naumann
N5NJ / V26O
Plano, TX  USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE

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