[CQ-Contest] Sending contest or DX QSL's

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Sun Aug 13 17:25:31 EDT 2000

Hello contesters,

Following the postings of Jim AD1C I came to the idea of
oganizing a "private" QSL bureau for sending QSL cards from
Please contact me directly at wally at el-soft.com in case you
agree to pay a yearly subscription of say 20 - 30 USD for sending
your cards ( will investigate how many could be sent for that fee
but think few thousand could ) to different QSL bureaus from Bulgaria.
In case there are enough hams who agree to pay this price
and additional extra for more cards to be sent, I might try to
organize a QSL bureau here giving a work to couple of girls.
Postage prices in LZ are still relatively low and might allow
such bureau to work for a small profit for those involved.
( Must be able to pay a 100 USD monthly salary to two
girls to do a job here ).
Also, if one is interested in printing one colour one side printed
contest cards for about 0.03 USD per piece please let me know.
( minimum order  5 000 cards for that price ).
We might be able to organize printing and sending the cards
from here , too.


Wally LZ2CJ

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