[CQ-Contest] Xcvrs as carry-ons

James B. Neiger Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com
Thu Aug 24 15:02:02 EDT 2000

I've carried "naked" transceivers through airport security on quite a few
occasions.  Never have been asked to turn it on, but have elicited some
questions as to what it is.  I find carrying a CQ Magazine with contest
write-up to be helpful, preferably one with your picture in it or at least a
picture of the radio.

As I recall, when we were boarding the Royal Jordanian flight to JY in 1986,
one of our guys was asked by  the JY flying cop, in Los Angeles, to turn his
940 on.

In fact, it scares me as to how easy it is to carry complex electronics
stuff, including computers, onto airplanes.  The most rigorous airport
security that I've encountered anywhere has been in London.

Additionally, I recommend NEVER EVER check your transceiver in as baggage.
Amplifiers seem to go OK (so far, anyway) as long as the transformer is
removed.  Also remove the very valuable tubes, if not too much trouble and
transport them in your carryon.



Jim Neiger

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