[CQ-Contest] Xcvrs as carry-ons

Milt Jensen miltj at dvec.org
Thu Aug 24 10:53:13 EDT 2000

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From: James B. Neiger <Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com>

> Additionally, I recommend NEVER EVER check your transceiver in as baggage.
> Amplifiers seem to go OK (so far, anyway) as long as the transformer is
> removed.  Also remove the very valuable tubes, if not too much trouble and
> transport them in your carryon.

For the January 2000 trip to XZ0A we checked everything, both ways, with the
exception of laptops.  The seven FT-1000 MPs and one "toy" transceiver were
all packed in their original Yaesu multiple layer shipping boxes or in
specially prepared Pelican cases.  Same scenario for the seven Alphas.  The
transformers were packed in boxes with other peripheral items to make up the
shipping weight limits per package.   No problems at all with Singapore Air,
Silk Air or the overland trucking company.  73 de Milt, N5IA

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