[CQ-Contest] 10M open when it shouldn't be

Gary Sutcliffe ums at nconnect.net
Thu Dec 7 07:10:49 EST 2000

We often get openings around 2000Z over the pole to northern OH/SM/LA.
During the last CQWW phone I worked some GM/EI about 2200Z. That is pretty

I often use the OH opening and got curious about it. During the last
sunspot peak 11 years ago I analyzed the geometry and figured there might
be a similar opening about 0500Z with W9 at the eastern end. It turned out
that the other end was western BY and JT. I stuck around during CQWW phone
that year and sure enough I heard a BY. Unfortunately there is not a lot of
activity from that part of the world.

I suspect there are a lot of weird openings that no one knows about because
no one is on.


- Gary W9XT

At 09:28 PM 12/6/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm looking for anyone that has had any experiences with the 10M band during
>contests when it has mysteriously opened or  wierd conditions during times
>when it should be closed ( not including Es during the summer !! ).
>Obviously, in all band contests people are usually else where during the
>hours of darkness but with Single band efforts,
>I wonder sometimes whether it's not always that conditions don't suit some
>propagation ( although often is the case ) but if it sounds quiet, no one

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