[CQ-Contest] [CQ-CONTEST] IDing During a CQ

Bill Turner w7ti at jps.net
Mon Dec 11 08:52:07 EST 2000

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000 17:56:11 -0500, Nat Heatwole wrote:

>1. "CQ Contest, Whiskey-Zulu-Three-Alpha-Radio,
>Whiskey-Zanzibar-Three-Alpha-Romeo, Contest"
>2. "CQ Contest, Whiskey-Zulu-Three-Alpha-Radio"
>The second CQ is obviously shorter, however it does not give the receiving
>station (particularly if the operator is not a native speaker of English) as
>solid an opportunity to copy the call correctly.

I believe the ICAO phonetic alphabet is the best one to use.  My understanding
is the words were chosen to be most readily understood by non-English speaking
people.  That certainly applies to ham radio, so phonetics like "radio" and
"Zanzibar" should be abandoned in favor of "romeo" and "zulu".  

Granted, if you're talking to a native English speaker, it probably doesn't
matter, but during a contest, who knows who will answer a CQ?

73, Bill W7TI

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