[CQ-Contest] IARU Strategy

W2CE at aol.com W2CE at aol.com
Fri Jul 7 08:36:56 EDT 2000

Due to changing plans I find that I will be operating tomorrows IARU as a 
single operator.  All of my past experience here has been from a HQ station 
so band choice and point strategy wasn't a question.

I will be using an above average station with good signals on all bands.  I 
am relatively familiar with 10-15-20 conditions and even 75 to some extent 
but little on 40 as I never got into more than answering DX stations when 
they announced their QSX frequencies.

I would be interested in hearing where DX stations listen for USA on 40 as 
run stations or if the frequency area is just by chance as DX QSX frequencies 
seem to cover all of the USA 40 meter band.

Also of interest any opinions on working same continent other zone Q's on 40 
and 75 as compared to other continent on the higher bands.

  73, Bob W2CE

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