[CQ-Contest] Preliminary Observations on WRTC Stations

Bruce Sawyer n6nt at ynn.com
Fri Jul 7 10:22:32 EDT 2000

Some of the teams have been warming up this morning (afternoon in S5, of
course).  My own highly subjective observations at this one time of day on

S5/I2VXJ:  Must have a great location.  Georgio twice pulled out my 5w QRP
signal (different call signs each time) and was really booming in on the
west coast

S5/N2NT:  Andy is down about 5 dB from Georgio, and he couldn't seem to hear

S5/DL1IAO:  Stefan was WAY down, but could be because he had his beam turned
the other way.  I could barely hear him.

Anybody else left in the USA besides me?

Bruce, N6NT

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