[CQ-Contest] contest rules at HG0HQ?

Zebek Zden|k sebek at rtime.felk.cvut.cz
Mon Jul 10 12:14:27 EDT 2000

hi contesters,

just one experience from IARU HF championship. I had no free time for 
full time effort, so I was on air just for fun. Sunday at 5:30Z I 
decided to give some points to HQ stations on 40m. At that time 20 
was wide open, so 40 was nearly empty with only a few HQ "beacons".
Started on top of the band, on 7099 was IV3UHX calling CQ DX. Just in 
that moment he got a call from HG0HQ. IV3UHX was not interested 
in any contest exchange but op at HG0HQ tried to explain how he 
really needs points and bla bla. I tuned down and what a suprise, on 
7059 again HG0HQ, now CQing. Quick tune back to 7099 and HG0HQ still 
talking with that I station. While having both frequencies in memory 
I switched between them several times - both HG0HQ ops were talking 
in the same time, there was no synchronization between them to allow 
only one signal on band/mode at one time.

Here is extract of rules as found on ARRL web page:
4.2.2. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given time. Exception: Only IARU member  society HQ stations may 
operate simultaneously on more than one band, with one transmitter on 
each band and mode. 

When I called HG0HQ on their run frequency, after giving them report, 
I asked how is it possible they have two signals but the only answer 
was qsl, qrz?

If they would win this contest, I hope they will be satisfied with 
way how they reached it.


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