[CQ-Contest] IARU Signals

Bill Fisher w4an at contesting.com
Mon Jul 10 10:23:38 EDT 2000

Interesting operating the contest from the northwest.  Not sure I agree
with the comments posted here so far about signals being mostly even.  I
definately noticed a few stand outs among the WRTC stations.  There were
similar reports of even signals after the 96 event, and I know for sure
there were guys at poor performing stations.

There were a few signals that really stood out for me (someone who
normally operates from W4 or points east)....

SP7GIQ	-  Wow!!!  On 15 meters he was by far the first guy in Europe I
could work and consistently the loudest guy.  In Georgia, I notice him as
being one of the loud guys, but not the stand out.  Definately different
out here.

KL7Y - OK, big surprise right?  Well there were few signals above 20db
over S9 the entire weekend on any band.  When Dan called me there were no
other LEDs to light on the S-meter of the FT1000MP.  Amazing.

And I worked more BY and BV stations in 24 hours here than I have the past
7 years in Georgia.  Hopefully the activity from there will continue to
ramp.  I suspect so.



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