[CQ-Contest] Re: contest rules at HG0HQ?

John Warren nt5c at texas.net
Mon Jul 10 14:08:11 EDT 2000

Zdenek OK1DSZ wrote:

|I tuned down and what a suprise, on 7059 again HG0HQ, now CQing.
|Quick tune back to 7099 and HG0HQ still talking with that I station.
|While having both frequencies in memory  I switched between them
|several times - both HG0HQ ops were talking in the same time, there
|was no synchronization between them to allow only one signal on
|band/mode at one time.

That could explain my frustration with them on 10M. Endless unanswered CQs
- I mean like a continuous half hour. I could understand them not hearing
weak scatter signals from W5 (although several other European HQs did), but
they weren't working any S.Americans either! Perhaps they weren't even

John, NT5C.

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