[CQ-Contest] WRTC vs. WRSOC

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Wed Jul 19 21:31:13 EDT 2000

There have been three WRTCs.  Each had a different "flavor".  Every one was 
successful.  Why mess with success?

IMO, the team aspect is a crucial element.  For a USA club, being allowed 
to select a team is an honor, and imparts a kind of "ownership" of "their" 
team.  The requirement to select the #2 member from outside the club 
fosters comraderie between groups.  At the same time, while its true you're 
more likely to have a shot to be on a team if you're a member of one of the 
clubs, that's what we have wildcard teams for.

While a WRSOC could possibly identify the top SO in the world, I don't 
think the non-WRSOC public  would care as much about the results.  Perhaps 
the participants would, but then let them go to EA8 for CQWW on their own 
nickel and prove it instead.

WRTC has assumed an identity and importance of its own.  The people who 
concocted the rules and format should be congratulated for their forsight 
and wisdom.



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