[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad practices identified

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Jul 24 01:16:20 EDT 2000

kg5u elaborates some more...

> W7TI elaborated:
>   Actually, I did leave the QRL? out. Several years ago K3ZO said
> he doesn't
>   use QRL?, but rather a short CQ.

If the frequency is indeed in
> use, he will
>   be told so and will QSY. It seems like a good idea to me and that's what
>   I've done ever since.



k5rc de kg5u 599 stx dale
kg5cq test de k3zo tom k5rc
k3zo qrl qsy k5rc pls agn?

This is efficient?
This is courteous?
And what the heck is a "short CQ"?

Fred did get flamed somewhat, mainly I think
>   because he was misunderstood.

Naw...I think people understood, allright.

People didn't understand that he WOULD
>   QSY.

Big deal!  He's blown someone else's QSO.

>I still think it's a good idea because it saves a small
> amount of time
>   many times during a contest.

For whom?  Certainly not for the two people already on and trying to use the

>Comments welcome.
Comments made.

dale, kg5u

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