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Thu Jun 1 17:14:50 EDT 2000

While I'm convinced two radios, and a smart and tailored setup when 
used at best, can produce a significant difference and beat the 
obtainable results of a single radio user in the same place, I'm not 
convinced this has to lead by itself in issueing a new category whose 
primary effect will be that to specialize competitors and effectively 
dividing them (again) into smaller "rings". 
Not counting that gamblers benefit a "tasty" opportunity each time a 
limitation category is introduced, the established concept could be 
that were each difference is unacceptable and, sooner or later, each 
one of us will have the chance to win his own special contest category 
because against nobody.
If a technical matter like a 2 radio leads to a separate category, also 
a multiple antenna system or a separate aerial to transmit and receive 
should be the reason to divide competitors into different, but 
specialized, but omogeneous, categories.  On the other hand, why a 
second radio is now a matter and a radio with a dual receiver, or 
memories, (and zero time to switch and transmit since solid state has 
no tuning) didn't ever make any difference ?
The point is another, let’s try to be honest with ourselves and not 
If a tecnological/operational evolution is not any more the matter to 
push amateur radio (and contester) in that direction (read: use two 
radios if you want more points. / translation: follow the progress) 
better we drop any of the knowdledges we pretend to have as amateur 
radio operators and turn ourselves into an honest a group of mere 
players of a game like many others.  
Whatsoever the reason to follow such way, what's going to happen is 
that we can start to sell all of our equipments and wait for an 
internet contest symulator were all of us can choose what ever we want 
to have and to be located, and finally discover, as soon as the contest 
starts, we are all placed on EA8 land, with a multiple monobanders 
stack on al bands and no other chance than having
like the idea ?

Mauri I4JMY

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> Subject : [CQ-Contest] SO2R IS A Seperate Entry Class
> Creation of a separate SO2R entry class is IMHO long overdue.  
Operators who 
> are simultaneously using two radios have inherent and very 
> scoring  advantages over an operator who is using a single radio.  
Since the 
> nature of each style of operation is so different, drawing 
comparisons (in 
> terms of operator ability and final score) between the two is 
> meaningless.  The difference in overall score generation capacities 
> the two have reached the point where contest sponsors should take 
action and 
> finally recognize the difference, creating entry classes that are 
> appropriate.
> The proliferation of SO2R operation has already created this division 
on a 
> defacto basis.  A void clearly exists where competitors who have 
chosen not 
> to make the hardware investment or to master the special operating 
> techniques required for SO2R operation do not have an entry class 
where they 
> compete directly against true peers.  Scores of Single Operator 
Single Radio 
> (SOSR) competitors are listed along with SO2R entries, as if they are 
> but obviously they are not.  There are fundamental differences.
> Not having a pure SOSR class can and probably does impact entry class 
> selection by some operators (I am in this group).  Why beat your head 
> against the wall with one radio if you know your score will likely be 
> than your peers who are using two radios to maximum advantage, but 
both of 
> you are supposedly equal entrants and your scores will appear in the 
> competitive category.  It just ain't so!  To me the difference is 
> clear.
> Barry (W2UP), thanks for raising the question.
> additional discussion on this reflector.  I would like to see more 
> pro and con, especially any rational that would support the argument 
> SOSR and SO2R are somehow equal and there should be no class division.
> 73, John W2GD/P40W
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