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AD6E at aol.com AD6E at aol.com
Thu Jun 1 16:42:09 EDT 2000

In a message dated 5/31/2000 10:49:56 PM EST, N6AA writes:

> Do you think that 100 CQing robots would impact 40 meter DX contesting
>  positively ?

A:  You mean they arn't there already?

>  Do you think  "single operators" each "managing" 6 robots calling CQ
>  on 6 bands in a computer interleaved pattern would impact contesting
>  positively?

A:  Definately YES  ... but only if I havn't worked them yet. After they're 
in my log they become useless QRM.   ;-)

But isn't that pretty much the way it is now? Whats the difference between a 
robot and some sleepyhead pushing F1 all night?

I think Petes' right. I'd love to see a real robot challange. We can always 
outlaw them after they win one.

73,   Al   AD6E

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