[CQ-Contest] When and why did rules change?

Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Thu May 4 17:57:14 EDT 2000

> Actually, I understand the following when reading the rules:
> 1) if "quads" is a single installation able to operate on three
> bands, if all of single-band resonant elements are in essential
> mutual coupling with each other, hence "quads" IS a tribander;
> 2) any [quite long] travelling wave antenna can be considered as
> linear array with consequent feed; moreover, both rhombic and
> V-beam are often considered as evolution of 4 (or more) "single
> element" Beverages [configured in specific manner to reduce
> sidelobes]; so rhombic and V-beam antennas are NOT single
> element antennas.

I think we are reading too much into the rules and technical operations of
the antennas.  The rules are quite simple:

1.) The antenna on 10,15 and 20 meters must be either a tri-band sort of
beam or quad WITH A SINGLE FEEDLINE or it can be a single element antenna
such as a dipole or vertical.

2.) The "single" element or "wire" element antennas are just that.  There
are single radiating elements on each band.  So having seperate dipoles or
seperate verticals for each band is within the rules.  A V-beam is a
multi-wavelength antenna - NOT a multi-element antenna.  Same thing with a
Rhombic antenna, IMHO.  You basically have one antenna with one set of
wires.  V-beams and Rhombics fit that category.  I would even go so far as
to say that having a seperate receive antenna of a single element (one
beverage for example) would be OK.  Now I am not sure on this as I don't
have the rules in front of me, but I don't think they require you to use the
same antenna for transmit and receive as long as both are comprised of one
wire element.

The rules aren't based on the electrical properties of the antennas, but
rather on their physical properties.



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