[CQ-Contest] Fw: Check out Veterans Day QSO Party After SSCW wkend.

Rex J Maner k7qq at juno.com
Tue Oct 31 19:44:09 EST 2000

Lets have some effort from the Contestors and Veterans In this one.

 The Veterans Day contest is coming the weekend after SSCW. It has some
of the things that the perfectionest are looking for  SN and differant
information in each QSO.  With enough participation this could be a good
QSO Party .  The sponsoring Club dropped the ball and didn't get this to
the ARRL and CQ in time to make the November issue, however it will
happen.  The sponsering club also did the AF QSOP and were requested by
somone at the Pentagon to do this one.
A suggestion has been made to consider  more points for CW next year and
also separate modes or both.

Get on and Have fun. Its open to All.

Quack    aka. k7qq

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