[CQ-Contest] Split operation and in-use frequencies

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Tue Oct 31 19:19:05 EST 2000

This is certainly a tough issue and one that resonable people will
disagree about.

This complications associated with split operation in phone contests
is one of the reasons I don't operate them very often.  However, I 
did make a number of split QSOs during the contest - and except for
checking to see if I could hear the stations that beat me out in a
pileup, I didn't check my QSX frequency.  In this sense, I am as 
guilty as AD1C.

How dare someone in the USA start up QSO on the QSX frequency of a 
DX station anyway.  From the DX stations perspective - the frequency 
is in use.  If the USA stations don't impair the DX stations ability 
to run guys - then he is going to continue to "use" the frequency.  

It is almost as unrealistic to expect two USA stations to check
the QSX frequencies of all the DX stations calling CQ as it is
to expect the USA contesters to check each frequency before 
answering a DX stations call.  Both the DX station and the two
USA stations are "using" the same frequency.  The result of the 
DX station using the frequency is that stations are going to call
there.  The two USA stations either need to create enough noise to 
make the DX station choose another frequency - or they will have to
put up with the QRM or QSY.  

It may not be the ideal situation - but it is the real one and I don't
see how you can realistically expect contest rules to change to prevent
this type of situation.

This really is an extension of the QRM that the increased activity
of the contest generates.  The more people you put into a small space,
the more QRM there is going to be.  The split operation makes this
worse for the reasons stated above, and the fact that clear spots
are defined as places where there are not 500 KW short wave broadcast
stations - not where someone running 100 watts to a dipole is operating.

The best cure for this situation is to get a better band plan for 
40 meters that allows enough room for everyone.  Until that happens, 
there is going to be strife on the bands during the 4 or 5 weekends 
per year that the band is invaded by major DX contests.  

Face the facts - contesting causes QRM.  It isn't always pretty, and I
am not proud of it, but to quote my favorite line from ET: "This is 
reality Greg".

Tree N6TR / K7RAT
n6tr at contesting.com

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