[CQ-Contest] Yeah - big fella, check out the website!

Robert Naumann n5nj at gte.net
Tue Oct 3 15:18:29 EDT 2000

I find myself in an awkward position now.  Jim K4OJ and I go way back, and
even though he's a little taller, we usually see eye to eye on most matters.

I must disagree here however.

The idea of a webcam is "cute" and certainly an application of new
technology that is pretty close to being on the cutting edge.

Despite the fact that I believe that such a webcam would have such little
impact to the stations' score, I think it may be a in fact be a good thing.

What about the potential for publicity for the contest ?  What about
enabling other amateurs to "watch" while someone else contests ?  I think it
would be totally cool to dial up someones' web page and watch them operate
the contest.

Perhaps this will someday become mandatory so the judges can randomly watch
the serious entrants!  Don't cheat !  Someone might be watching your webcam

I do get back in agreement with my OJ-drinking-buddy where I do think it
would be innapropriate for the operator to post his frequency to actively
solicit qsos.  At this point, this would be a problem.

Bob N5NJ

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>From Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x at kr6x.com  Tue Oct  3 19:18:44 2000
From: Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x at kr6x.com (Leigh S. Jones)
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 11:18:44 -0700
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Web Cams
Message-ID: <04ad01c02d66$5dba04c0$ede3c23f at kr6x.org>

Wait a second -- I'm starting to see the light.  OK, you guys can go on
using your web cams.  This is just fine with me.  They're not solicitation.
They're not even competitive any more.

A vision is what I'm having.  A great and true vision of the future.  The
future of contesting.  And I'm in the forefront presenting amateur radio and
contesting to the public in the most attractive light with the highest
technology possible.  No more will contesting take the backseat to sports
like football, hockey, etc.

I can see it... full motion, full screen internet broadcasts ... produced by
Pixar, Walt Disney Productions, DreamWorks ... No more pictures of the backs
of heads and pans out the window of the yagi farms ... no more silent flix!
High definition television over the internet, banner ads purchased on every
web site, halftime spots, much more attractive second operators, bouncing
S-meter views, semi-naked (bouncing?) girls climbing the big bertha,
bouncing CT rate meter display, voice keyer CQ-ing in the rhythms of the
latest rap groups, gangsta-CQ.  Dancers bouncing on the yagi booms!  Media
magic!  I can get the announcers from that telethon -- a big thermometer
working its way up past last year's record -- stars on the microphones, like
Joe Walsh up at W0UN.  Can I still get Arthur Godfrey, or Bill Leonard?
This is going to be big!

OK, you guys go on with your web cams, you're only cheating by degrees.
Small degrees.  Once you've got your feet in the door, then us Hollywood
types can take over and really go to work.  KB!

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